How to Clean Your Vinyl with a Brush

  1. Get a brush
  2. Put your record on your player.
  3. Turn on the player so that the record will start spinning, but don’t place the needle down. Doing so may result in a scratch.
  4. Gently, but with enough force so that the brush is actually picking up the dust, place the brush on one end of the vinyl.
  5. Once the record has had enough rotations, slowly begin to drag the brush towards the edge of the record.
  6. After you have reached the edge, use your fingers or a cloth to get the dust off of the brush. (Note: I recommend that you not do this on top of the record or the dust will just end up back on it.)
  7. Do this until you are content with your mad cleaning skills!!!!

Politicians Against the War

In the first article linked above, it explains how Bernie Sanders is against a war that uses up most of our resources. The article mentions that Sanders may develop a doctrine named after him, the “Bernie Doctrine”. The doctrine would cover a concept that says that the “idea of history matters and every effect has a cause.”

In the second article, it mentions Bernie’s vote against the Iraq war. The article continues by saying that Sanders believes that the “invasion of Iraq was one of the worst foreign policy blunders in modern U.S history.” This is similar to the Vietnam War because there were many Americans that were protesting the war when soldiers were fighting.

This is also similar to the Vietnam War because Sanders is gaining a lot of support from many of the young people. During the Vietnam War, most protesters were those attending college, just like many of Sander’s supporters now.

Viet Cong

During the Vietnam War, the Viet Cong used tactics such as hiding and travelling in underground tunnels and guerrilla force. Many, if not all, of the United States soldiers had a tough time telling apart Vietnamese citizens and Viet Cong forces. This is because the Viet Cong had a way of “hiding” as normal citizens.

The video above shows how the Viet Cong forces were able to escape so easily and quickly from United States troops using underground tunnels. In some instances, they also set up booby traps in forms of landmines that would go off if an American soldier were to step on it. These landmines would reveal anything dangerous that could instantly kill or wound the soldier.

Tet Offensive

I chose to write about this event because I feel like it is a very crucial event to the Vietnam War. It is crucial because this was the event that showed American citizens back at home that the United States did not have much power over South Vietnam than they were told.
The N.V and Viet Cong forces knew that Tet is an important holiday to many, they may have also known that the celebration would be aired to Americans. Since many news stations were broadcasting this fight back home, the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese forces were able to convince many Americans that the war was in favor of the Vietnamese. Despite many casualties of the Tet Offensive, this started the slow American withdrawal from Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh was one of the first Vietnamese independence speaker that once said

The Vietnamese people deeply love independence, freedom and peace. But in the face of United States aggression they have risen up, united as one man.”

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Battle of Dien Bien Phu

Battle Of Dien Bien Phu

Troops from France occupied this camp. They were attacked at the beginning of March 1954 by the Viet Cong. Receiving aid from the Chinese, the Viet Cong attackers went after the French’s strong points. This takeover removed airborne attacks from the French. Since using airplanes was a big part of them receiving their supplies, the soldiers at this base began to lose their morale

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First Indochina War

On September 2nd, 1945, Ho Chi Minh prepared a speech that announced Vietnam’s new found independence. As a way to get America’s approval of their independence, Ho started with and continued to quote the Declaration of Independence. However, despite quoting words from America’s own declaration, many Americans saw Vietnam’s independence as a way of spreading communism throughout Asia.

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This is a blog post that I can relate with. Writer’s block is not a choice, nor is it something a writer wants. Many people find that writer’s block is fake, and that it’s just a hoax but this post has made it perfectly clear that the block is real..


In the past month I have concluded that writers block is all too real. For those few who may not know, writer’s block is when one cannot, for the life of them, write something they deem fit for representing their writing.  There’s no ‘cure’ to writer’s block as everyone seems to get out of it differently. One thing everyone says is that it’s all about “finding inspiration”.   By this definition I would say I have a really weird form of writer’s block.  A form to which everything inspires me, but I cannot put my inspiration into words that I feel is meaningful enough to portray my writing.  It’s like being in an insanely beautiful place but not having anyone to share it with, so the words just get lost in the moment.  I get all these ideas, but end up losing them moments later, and even if I write them…

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Time Wasters


Clock, Pointer, Clock Face, Old, Museum Port Seattle

One of the many time wasters you will experience in your lifetime is being addicted to your phone. There are many others, but this will be one that you’ve either experienced or witnessed. When you’re addicted to your phone, you don’t pay attention to anything but the screen and what is showing up from it.

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